Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So Far So Good

Well that race worked out for me. I really do have a big smile on my face right now! So far so good! That was a lovely race. I couldn't believe I even had the 1-2-3 horses in the race as well! Shame I didn't back it huh! All that reading up and hours spent on various sites has so far paid off! I am a bit uncertain about this next race, as there are one or two that I should include, but I can't justify as the payout will be too low. In the Champion Hurdle, I have dutched Go Native, Punjabi, Khyber Kim, Celestial halo, Starluck and Zaynar. If I lose on this race, most of the profit will be wiped out. I realise it is a bit risky but after a long thinking session last night and this morning, this was my strategy. So far, I have been vindicated, but for some reason I have butterflies in my stomach before this race, and that is normally not a good sign! I really hope I get a payout on this race as well. Good Luck to all, especially me :) xx

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