Monday, 8 March 2010

Betting Bank Ups and Downs

It has not been a good few days. I have found it very hard to make a profit and in all honesty, I placed a few extra bets that I really shouldn't have. I did not go as far as doubling up my stakes, but I did place a few bets on some outsiders and then hoping that at least one of them would come in, but suffice to say they performed even worse than the odds suggested!

I have tried to show the ups and downs on the spreadsheet chart, but I don't think I did very well, the picture is a bit small. I'm sure you get the idea though!

I am starting to feel quite excited about the Cheltenham Festival. I have never seen it so I feel like a virgin at the moment - all excited and very nervous!! I am sure it will be as good as the positive vibes I am getting from people all over the place. I just hope I don't bankrupt my betting bank in the process!

I need to work out if I will be able to watch it on TV or not. During the daytime, the TV is taken over by my 4 year old. It is either a choice of CBeebies or Playhouse Disney - I don't think he even knows there are other TV channels. However, I'll have to try and work something out before it kicks off. He is a stubborn little thing, and yesterday after I told him he couldn't play with his Nintendo DS, he stormed upto me, looked me up and down and said: "YOU ARE SO DEAD TO ME!" I was stunned, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - so I did both!

Anyway that's enough for now. It's my last day off from work, and I'm back to the grind early tomorrow morning.


  1. Hi Yazmin

    I'm finding it tough as well ..since saturday its been a daily loss.

    These thing work themselves out so stick with it if you can.

    It's my first Cheltenham as to be honest the way this week has gone I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing but here's hoping

    oh and a tip ..with my 4year old I get him to try and pick the what jockey colours will win as they scroll along the bottom of of the screen on ATR ..he loves it..Not sure thats a good thing though :)

    btw I've added your link to my blog ;)

    all the best


  2. Hi Shaun. Thanks for visiting and your comments. I think I must be on the same boat as you, as I have had daily losses as well! I'm struggling to stop myself from doing stupid things like chasing or placing "just one" more bet on a 50/1 three legged donkey! I hope it gets better soon and fast! I'll try your tip next time, i'm just not sure what hubby will make of it!