Sunday, 28 March 2010

Change of Direction

Sorry about the delay with the posts. I have been busy with family stuff but that is not the whole story. Cheltenham was a real eye opener about how hard racing can be. I managed to come away with a small loss and it prompted me to do some digging into my betting. Due to this, I have decided to stop betting on the horses until I can be a bit more confident and I stop using my scatter gun sort of approach! However, I will continue to bet on the football bets. As such, this is what I will be betting on today:

Dutch Eredivision, FC Utrecht, 2pt @ 1.29 (Tote)
Dutch Eredivision, Ajax, 3 pt @ 1.22 (Ladbrokes)
Spanish Primera, Real Madrid, 3 pt @ 1.34 (Canbet)
Greece Division 1, Aris, 2pt @ 1.65 (188Bet)
Greece Division 1, AEK, 2pt @ 1.45 (William Hill)
Greece Division 1, Irkalis, 1pt @ 2.39 (12Bet)

In addition, I have just downloaded The Geeks Toy and will be spending some free time learning to trade on Betfair as well. I will post my thoughts on this experiment so that you can see how I am faring.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not a Very Good Start

I thought one of my selections would hold on, but it was not meant to be. I was on the edge of my seat, and I am disappointed that I didn't find a winner, but the winner just found that little bit more and deserved to win. Onto the next race, and I have dutched Summit Meeting, Reve De Sivola, Manyriverstoctross, Peddlers Cross, Quel Espirit and Finians Rainbow. A winner should just bring me short of being level for the day. x

Cheltenham Day 2 First Race

Well Day 2 starts in the next 15 mins or so, and I think it seems a little bit harder than yesterday! I am going to continue with my dutching policy and hope for the best, but I will be using smaller stakes. I think I may have gone a little overboard with the staking yesterday and used relatively large stakes on the dutches compared to the size of the bank. Ive placed a £18 dutch on Becauseicouldntsee, Fabalu, Far More Serious (all tipped in the Racing Post) and another 4 horses. It won't be a big payout, but I am looking at a profit of £10.89 if one of the selections comes first. Good Luck to everyone. xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Update after Cheltenham

Well, the first day has ended. I'm a bit disappointed even if I did make a profit for the day after Cheltenham. I just felt that I should have listened to myself and my "women's intuition" and maybe had more of a look at the form before putting my money on. Incidentally, it was Binocular that I was really unsure about, and I left it out, and I paid for that mistake. Oh well! We live and learn! I made a total of £44.85 profit, and my betting bank now stands at £507.50. I am just scraping a profit of £7.50 over my starting bank. I am still somewhat down on the peak of my betting bank which at one point last month stood at £652.64.

I do have two outstanding bets tonight which include:

Stvenage Win v Histon £8 @ 1.30
Peer Win v Jankovic £16 @ 1.73

Also, I really think my football bets need a bit more work. I posted some tips the other day, and only one paid out, the other two were losing bets. I'm trying to work on a high strike rate, low odds bets, that I can place a little bit more on to offset the horse racing tips as the strike rates on these are low but at better odds. I think my staking plan and the way I bet is sort of working. I have so far placed 355 bets, with 115 winners. From my little starting pot of £500 I have turned over bets worth £2229.30 (4 x my betting bank). However, it is disappointing that I have so far only made a profit of £7.50 which is a very measly 0.33% Return on Investment. The only solace is that if I was over staking or had poor bank management, then I am sure I would have been found out by now. Any thoughts or advice from readers would be appreciated. x

So Far So Good

Well that race worked out for me. I really do have a big smile on my face right now! So far so good! That was a lovely race. I couldn't believe I even had the 1-2-3 horses in the race as well! Shame I didn't back it huh! All that reading up and hours spent on various sites has so far paid off! I am a bit uncertain about this next race, as there are one or two that I should include, but I can't justify as the payout will be too low. In the Champion Hurdle, I have dutched Go Native, Punjabi, Khyber Kim, Celestial halo, Starluck and Zaynar. If I lose on this race, most of the profit will be wiped out. I realise it is a bit risky but after a long thinking session last night and this morning, this was my strategy. So far, I have been vindicated, but for some reason I have butterflies in my stomach before this race, and that is normally not a good sign! I really hope I get a payout on this race as well. Good Luck to all, especially me :) xx

14:40 William Hill Trophy

Please Please can I have another winner! This looks a very very hard race and I have covered 25% of the field with £50. If any of the selections wins I will profit by £44. The selections I have covered in my dutch include: Bensalem, Ogee, The Package, Knowhere, Chief Dan George and Character Building. I should know my fate within the next 15 mins or so.

Supreme Novices Good Start :)

I had 6 runners against the field in this race. This included Menorah, Oscar Whiskey, General Miller, get Me Out of Here and Blackstair Mountain. I backed all of these with Paddy Power as they had a money back offer if Dunguib won. I placed a £50 dutch which has paid out a profit of £60.57. I backed Dunguib with Betfred for £50 as well as they refund your losing stake and you can bet on something else. All In all It was a profitable start :)

I was going to back a few in the second race as well - but the shortlist was too big and I just didn't feel confident with cutting the field further and the profit was not worth the risk - so I have left this race alone.

I may be back in a short while after I have placed bets on the next race. Good Luck! xx