Saturday, 6 March 2010

Shocking Saturday

It was a hard day today. I've just finished updating the results spreadsheet for today and those from the beginning of March, and it was depressing. Going on to today, I spent ages this morning trawling through the Racing Post, various websites and putting bets on. I had 28 bets today with the majority of them on horse racing. My stakes came to a total of £161.00, and I returned a loss of -£33.19. This could have been worse as there were only 6 winners, most at short prices that included 1.80, 1.90 and 1.80.

The main highlights included a dutch in the 15.25 Doncaster race that included Wogan, Cloudy Lane, Iris De Balme and Mill Side. After reading the Racing Post and Pricewise tipping Iris De Balme, and positive mentions for the other three after a bit of research on various tips paid dividends with a profit of £21.00 after Wogan won. In addition, the biggest win of the day came from backing the winner of 15:45 Newbury at an early price of 9/1 returned a profit of £43.20. There were some very disappointing football results, especially in League Two, as I expected at least 2 of the home sides to win, but I was wrong!

Since the beginning of this month, I have placed 69 bets with 17 winners. I have staked £364.40 and have returned a loss of -£44.44. I can't afford too many off days or large losses, but I think at the moment my betting bank is coping, and to be honest there have not been any wild swings. I am heartened by this, as my main concern is to protect the bank and to maximise my return of investment by turning the bank over as much as I can. My betting bank is too small in terms of money to be very selective, and I feel that if I take this approach I may still be building a bank next year!

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